Our Conversion Varnish and Monocoat finishes are essentially waterproof and virtually maintenance free. Rubio Monocoat recommends reapplying a coat of their finish every 3 years, or when water fails to bead off the surface. Our Tung Oil and Beeswax Finish is a classic oil finish. We hand rub each coat into the top here at Walnut Wood Works. When it arrives to you it has received 4-6 coats of Tung Oil and Beeswax, which provides good protection from water and stains.


3e29d702-19a2-4fc4-8393-1f60f0fe2f52_400 If you desire ultimate protection and longevity out of your Oil Finished top we recommend further applications of Howard Products Butcher Block Conditioner (A sample bottle is included in your shipment). This is a mineral oil and Beeswax mixture that gives the top an extra level of protection. Think of your wood top as a sponge. A dry sponge soaks up any water that comes near it, but the wetter the sponge gets the less it will absorb, until it reaches it’s saturation point. At this point it doesn’t matter what you dump on it, it’s not going to soak anything else up. Your wood top is the same, the more oil and beeswax it absorbs the less water, grease, and wine it can absorb. Just like the sponge, your top reaches a saturation point where it simply can’t absorb anything else. Reaching this point takes anywhere from 5-10 applications of oil and beeswax. When the oil/beeswax mixture no longer soaks into your top you will be very well protected. We recommend beeswax application twice a week for the first month. Once you reach the saturation point we recommend beeswax application about once a month to keep a good protective layer on your butcher block. When water fails to bead off the surface, that’s a good indicator that it’s time for another coat.


To clean your Tung Oil top after food prep or just general cleaning we recommend a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water to sanitize your top. Scrub the mixture with a damp sponge until clean. Dry any noticeably wet spots and allow the top to dry. Apply a light coat of Conditioner after cleaning and your top will be as good as new.

Scratches and Stains

Oil finished tops age with the home, they lightly scratch and dent and take on a beautiful patina that becomes part of the kitchen. We recommend that any scratches or marks simply be sealed with the Butcher Block Conditioner and left alone to add to the rich beauty of the piece. If your desire to remove scratches or stains (on an oil finished top), you can simply sand the imperfection out with 220 grit sandpaper. After sanding remove all dust and apply several coats of the Butcher Block Conditioner to get your top back to new condition.


Edge Grain

Edge grain refers to the side of the wood board. We take the wood boards, cut them into  strips the thickness of your countertop and then turn those strips on their sides to reveal the edge or side of the wood. This is the way that we make our butcher blocks. Edge grain butcher blocks are very durable and also very beautiful because the grain is exposed the whole length of your top. We use only full length boards, meaning if you order a 12 foot island top all of the boards will be 12 feet long. So there are no ugly butt-joints holding scraps of wood together. walnut butcher block countertop walnut wood works

 End Grain

End grain refers to the end cut of the wood board. Essentially an edge grain top is cut into strips and those strips turned on their ends and glued back together. This gives the ultimate strength in a butcher block. In a  professional setting where it is cut on all day ever day an end grain top is preferable to an edge grain top. In the home setting, other than aesthetics, the difference is negligible.   endgrain

Table Top Style

Table top style countertops as just what they sound like, they are constructed using the full width of the board and are oriented with the prettiest face of the board up. These tops are what you would normally associate with a table. Top

Any competent contractor, cabinet maker, or installer can install wooden countertops. They simply screw in from the bottom with a slotted hole. We will include instructions in the box with your top! Step 1: Before setting the countertop on the cabinets drill 4-6 holes in the cabinet braces for the attaching screws to go through. Drill these holes slightly larger than the screws you plan on using. If your cabinet’s do not have these corner braces, small L brackets may be used.

Attachment points

Step 2: Place your countertop on top of your cabinets and slide it into the desired position. Use a tape measure or ruler from all sides to make sure it is centered how you like it. Step back and look to make sure everything looks right. Step 3: Pre-drill holes in under side of countertop with a drill bit slightly smaller than the screws you plan to use. Be careful to only go approximately half way through the top. Step 4: Secure the countertop through the cabinets using standard wood screws. Choose your screws so that they extend approximately 1” into the countertop. Use a washer on the screw to increase it’s holding capacity and to allow for slight wood movement with seasonal change. screw You’re finished! Please contact us if you would like a more detailed explaining.



We take time to carefully and thoughtfully package your butcher block. Each and every top gets a custom fit crate to its exact dimensions. The top is first encased in high density styrofoam to protect it from scratches and dings. IMG_0875 It is then encased in a solid plywood crate so that nothing can happen to it on it’s long journey to you. We want it to arrive just as beautiful as when it left! IMG_0876


Your top will be delivered via Freight Carrier and will be a curbside delivery.


You have the option to select commercial shipping at checkout. Commercial shipping requires a means of unloading (fork lift, loading dock, or manpower) and normal business hours. There is no lift gate service with commercial deliveries and the carrier assumes standard business hours and does not call ahead. If you require a lift gate or a call ahead delivery please email us before shipment, or select the residential shipping option.

One thing that you need to be conscious of when you order a butcher block is the humidity in your home. Because wood expands and contracts due to the relative humidity in your home, it is smart to keep it at a stable level. All of our wood has been kiln dried to a 7% MC which corresponds to about a 50% relative humidity in the home. To help insure that your wood top won’t be put through extreme low to high humidity levels we recommend keeping a humidifier at 50% relative humidity through the year. This will also help protect your butcher block from stress cracks which are created by these changes in humidity. If you would like to know more about this topic, feel free to call us and discuss how you can protect your butcher block.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get my countertop?

Each and every top is handcrafted with care specifically for you. Our current lead time is approximately 3-4 weeks!

What do you need for sink/range cutouts?
We CNC cut all of our cutouts with a computer controlled router. To do this all we need from you is a drawing of where you’d like them placed and the model numbers for the sinks/ranges/etc.
Can I put hot pans on a butcher block top?
We do not recommend placing a pan directly off the stove onto the countertop, it is wood after-all! Warm pans, hot foods, baking dishes, etc. should cause no issues on your top.
Can I cut on a butcher block top?
It depends on your finish choice. If you would like to cut on your top, we recommend the Tung oil and Beeswax finish. It is 100% natural, food safe, and easy to touch up any scratches! We do not recommend cutting directly on our Conversion Varnish or Waterlox Finishes.
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