Butcher Block Options

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The level of protection, maintenance required, and prep friendliness all help determine which finish is right for your lifestyle.

Tung Oil & Beeswax

  • All natural, 100% FDA food safe.
  • Our Tung Oil is organic and pure, no diluents or harsh chemicals.
  • If you plan to cut, chop, and meal prep on your butcher block this is the finish to choose.
  • A beeswax top coat establishes a waterproof layer.
  • Maintenance for this finish is a beeswax application once a month. You are supplied with a starter bottle upon purchase.
  • This finish will give your butcher block the darkest color because the oil is soaked into the wood which reveals it’s true beauty.
  • Protection 50%
  • Maintenance 75%
  • Prep Friendliness 100%

Rubio Monocoat

  • This finish is a modified oil finish that forms a molecular bond with the wood fibers for a durable and waterproof finish.
  • 100% VOC free meaning no harsh chemicals or odors.
  • Monocoat is simple to maintain; if noticeable scratches appear on your Monocoat-finished surface, all you need to do is clean the damaged area well, scuff with light sandpaper and then reapply a new coat where needed.
  • This finish has the look and feel of a traditional oil finish while slightly lighter in color than our Tung Oil finish.
  • Protection 75%
  • Maintenance 45%
  • Prep Friendliness 50%

Conversion Varnish

  • Conversion varnish forms a super hard film over the top of the wood, much like the clear coat of your car.
  • It protects the wood from water and nearly all chemicals.
  • This finish will not stain or discolor over time, and stays beautiful for a lifetime.
  • Conversion varnish requires zero maintenance, and cleans easily with any household cleaner.
  • This finish will give your butcher block a smooth, glassy feel and the lightest coloring.
  • Protection 100%
  • Maintenance 25%
  • Prep Friendliness 25%

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